"Woman, go make me a pie." ~ Murph, speaking to Venita.

Sir Murph Patrick O'Shay of The Scarlet March Edit

Born and raised human, and paladin, very paladin, Murph believes in the honest, zealous nature of The Light and all it represents. Murph is in no way whatsoever afraid to speak his mind, however silly it may be. He suffers from no appealing mental disorders, unless you can call "being an ass" a mental disorder. He has no cunning tricks, or outrageous background. He is not of an astounding age. He is not of an incredible height or body build. Murph is a fairly normal person. Oh, and both of his parents are happy and alive and normal. Shocking.

Bromance Edit

Murph shares a tight, personal relationship with his good friend and fellow War Veteran, Jaffar. The two are known to get into whacky adventures, and because of their past and future they share a very serious bromance. One would note, that Murph is also engaged to an extremely attractive human paladin, who is indeed a lady. Her name is Eressea. No homo.

The Future? Edit

((Surely there is more to come, so sit back and relax. This is also my first, ever, wiki page. ))[[Category:]]

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