Miracira Delane


The Manatech Faction
"Always business to take care of."

Miracira Delane is a warrior in the Alliance and was the leader of the Brill Hounds until its decimation and conversion into a Forsaken group.  She is the mother of Barithorn Stanbridge and the lover of James Stanbridge.  There are rumors that she was a Forsaken, but those are most certainly JUST rumors.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Miracira Delane was born to a wealthy family in the mountain kingdom of Alterac.  Her parents attempted to teach her early on the proper way to be a lady so as to carry on the family traditions.  But the young Mira would have none of it.  She constantly picked fights with others, especially any potential suitors, and generally made a nuisance of herself to her family.  When she was 18 years old, the First War broke out, not that the people of Alterac gave a damn.  By that point, the economy had suffered greatly for unknown reasons.  The once-wealthy Delane family now sought to marry off Miracira so as to re-establish their wealth and prominence in the society.  Thus, marriage was arranged between her and Durane Altoire, a noble and court wizard for Lord Perenolde.  When Miracira was told, she was incensed and was determined to fight it any way she could.  Eventually, she took every last coin from her parents and fled north to Lordaeron.

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