Milly Volaire
Game Information
Game Name Volaire
Faction Horde
Race Scourge
Class Death Knight
Guild None
Professions Cooking
Height 5'3
Weight 120 lbs.
Gender Female
Hair Vibrant orange
Eyes Periwinkle blue
Age Twenty-three (Dead)
Alignment Neutral

History Edit

Milly was born a beautiful, plump baby to a Quel'dorei Priestess and a peasant man. Yes, a peasant man - not a lord or a king! As such, she was born into a family without high finances or high responsibilities.. And as such, when the Quel'dorei were all but gone, the last dredges retreating to what we now know as Silvermoon, her family was not missed.

But let's back track a little - before that all happened and she was left fairly alone. Little Milly was happy! Only when she was eating, that is. It's a wonder the girl didn't end up blowing up like a balloon with all she ate. When she was supposed to be studying to be a Priestess like her mother, all she could think about was food! She snuck into the kitchens to experiment all too many times..

No one was interested in cooking where she came from. No one liked baking.. It was for chefs or servants, and if you were not one of those, you ought not to think about it and get back to what you should be doing.

(( To be continued. Too lazy to write right now! ))

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