History Edit

Before death, Lynn was nothing more than a peasant lady, living with and caring for her four year old son, Thomas Burell. Her husband, Joseph Burell, had been drafted to fight the war against the scourge, never having returned before Lynn's death. Though she remembers some of her past life, it is very little, and vague at best. Not often does she speak of it, nor does she choose to seek more of it. The rare occasions she has spoken of her past, it has been very muddled, though she believes that her home was attacked by "bandits of some sort" as she refers to them, though she does not go into more detail than that. Post death, Lynn awoke in the whereabouts of Silverpine Forest, dazed and utterly confused. Travelling by foot, she eventually reached Brill, and consequently met Belaris, who took her in his fold and helped her to trace some of her memories back, before eventually taking her into what was at the time, the foundation of the Shadarim.   As time wore on, Lynn became more and more accepting of her new life, and learned to embrace it as she was taught of the unlife, of Sylvanas, and the lands around her. Deeply interested in the doings of war and struggle, Lynn immersed herself deeply within the Shadarim's doings, proving herself an asset to the unit and pushing her way to second in command of the unit. Though some points showed Lynn in a questioning light, the woman always managed to reinstill the trust and faith of others in her capabilities and determination to set an example as a true forsaken, relentlessly pushing herself to further the cause that she followed.

Present Day Edit

As of present, Lynn has steadfastly kept with her unit, marking herself as a loyalist to the Shadarim only, and furthermore, Sylvanas, the forsaken. As of late however, rumour has come to light that she displaced herself from the Shadarim, shortly post death of her lover, Belaris Delenada. She has not since been seen, and it would be wise to assume she will not be returning any time soon.

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