Lucriron Hellbane V


Neutral Evil
Character Class
Arahadord Hellbane (distant cousin), Zerehedord Hellbane (distant cousin)

Lucriron Hellbane V is a frugal woman, despite her enormous wealth. Rather than rebuilding Hellbane Manor of Gilneas after it was destroyed by rampaging worgen, she has sought out the only relative of hers that exists on record, namely Zerehedord Hellbane. She now resides in Hellbane Manor of Elwynn Forest. Even there, amongst members of her own bloodline, she is distant.

Lucriron is a proud Hellbane, having being named after the founder of the family himself. As such, she deeply regrets the loss of her own manor. She has a seething hatred for all worgen - even those who were once Gilnean.


Lucriron fought alongside her fellow Gilneans during the Second War as a mecrenary. She considered her abilities with marksmanship to be that of a master's. This was why her fee was so high and she took absolute advantage of that during the war. But her skill was not the only contributing factor to her high prices, it was that she was already so wealthy that she felt that fighting was a waste of her time. Lucriron was the only remaining Gilnean Hellbane and was, as a result, the benefactor of several wills.

Yet, her passion for her nation was what made her decide to fight free of charge for King Greymane when civil war broke out. But her passion for her King, her country and even her people were soon put to the test.

When the worgen came, Lucriron was amongst those who hid herself away in their homes. Hellbane Manor was reinforced with every door and window nailed shut. But still, the worgen found their way into her home. She gunned down as many as she could, but their numbers soon overwhelmed her. Luckilly, she was rescued by an adventurer (whose identity she has never learned) and she was able to flee the manor to safety. But her home was lost forever, torn apart by the cursed creatures.

Just as she began taking up arms to assist Gilneas against the worgen threat, her own people began to surcumb to the worgen's curse. With her home destroyed and her nation lost, she siezed the opportunity that presented itself to flee Gilneas, leaving the nation by sea.

Over the course of the next few years, she searched for any relatives she could find, until eventually she found Zerehedord Hellbane in Elwynn Forest.


  • In initial concepts, Lucriron V was a worgen. This was quickly changed when it was discovered (via playing as a worgen at BlizzCon09) that there were humans in gilneas that were unaffected by the curse.
  • In initial concepts, Lucriron V was a male character.

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