Lonebull Longarrow
Valerunner Brave
Valerunner Village, Stonetalon


Lonebull Longarrow is arguably one of the most dire tempered tauren in existence. A brash young hunter, Lonebull is among the Valerunner Tribe of the Lewak'Halo or Hidden Vale Tribe of tauren as they are sometimes referred to as. His passion runs deep, and his fuse short, his friends are not easily made, and not easily cast aside.


Lonebull has many strong views about the world, most, even his brothers, consider him an extremist and a loose cannon.

Tward the HordeEdit

  • Orcs - The Greenskins, Lonebull believes that the orcs are unwelcome guests in tauren lands, the tauren did not need Thrall's help to defeat the Quillboar or the Centaur. Also, they look a little too much like the Goblins who burnt down his home.
  • Trolls - Insane Cannibals, Lonebull distrusts the Trolls greatly, while he respects Vol'Jin's hunting abilities, the trolls unsettle Lonebull with the practice of Voodoo, and Cannibalism.
  • Forsaken - The Walking Dead, (DK's included here) Like his brethren, the Hidden Vale Tribe, Lonebull believes that his dead ancestors should remain dead, and help him from the Spirit Realm.
  • Blood Elves - Old Allies, perhaps the only non-tauren race that Lonebull can stomache are the elves of Silvermoon, he is more willing to be civil with an elf than any other horde race, provided they have the right credentials.
  • Tauren of Thunder Bluff - My Cousins, Lonebull respects most tauren out of kinship, but in truth he is dissapointed with the fact that the Tauren rely on outside help, which he believes is a sign of weakness.

Physical Traits/AppearanceEdit

Lonebull is of average height and build for a male tauren hunter, aged around 52 (appearing in his early-mid 20's by human standards.) , with jet black fur and braids, ruddy-brown eyes and a stern look about him. He wears a semicaptive nose ring, and his left horn is snapped off.
In remembrance of his homeland, he singes off the hair from his chin, and wears Ash-clay warpaint on his chest, arms, and face.


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