Leriqite Hellbane


Night elf
Chaotic Good
Character Class
Arahadord Hellbane (husband), Zerehedord Hellbane (brother in law), Phabien Coldbringer (mother in law), Alabaster Hellbane (father in law), Dathanar Hellbane (son), Shariadune Hellbane (daughter)
"Not only shall draw power from nature, but I shall beat it into submission!"

Leriqite can be described as a most unconventional of night elves. She seems to go to extreme lengths to be unlike anyone else of her race, following the path of druidism instead of priesthood. Unimpressed by the men of her society (describing them as "politically correct pansies"), she found her love from a human man. Though the relationship she has with Arahadord Hellbane can hardly be described as peaceful, Leriqite seems to enjoy the conflict she has with her husband. Of all the residents of Hellbane Manor, Leriqite spends the least amount of time with in the safety of its walls, opting instead to roam the wilds.


Leriqite's origins are for the greater part unknown. What is known is that she was born in the Stonetalon Mountains hundreds of years prior to the first war. Somewhere along the way, she learned druidism from an unnamed Shan'Do. She had an enormous amount of respect for the demigod known as Cernarius. Spent her entire life with in the Stonetalon Mountains and the forests of Ashenvale until the third war. She was amongst those who fought against the Warsong Clan when they came to ravage Ashenvale Forest. However, he efforts were wasted and she realized this when Cernarius was ultimately defeated and killed. She managed to escape this battle with her life, but swore revenge against all of orc kind. She soon found her way to joining the sentinels; not so much for the benefit of her people and the forests but more for her own personal gratification. She had high hopes of meeting orcs along the way. However, she grew impatient when they had only one opportunity to fight against them. Before the battle of Mount Hyjal, Leriqite left in out rage as it was announced that they would align themselves with the same orcish horde that had slain Cernarius and deforested much of their lands. She spent the years following the end of the third war in Felwood with the friends she had in the Timbermaw Tribe. Eventually, she met Arahadord wandering through the land. Initially, the pair quarreled. But they soon discovered that they had a common enemy in a night elf bounty hunter known as Darotan Winterlight (an archer that had been part of the Sentinels during the third war that Leriqite had come to dislike). She jumped at the opportunity to slay one of her old enemies and agreed to help the human. Three years later, Leriqite arrived in Stormwind City with Arahadord. Before long, they were married and had a son together.


  • Leriqite was the first character in the Hellbane story line to be created on a Role Playing Server.
  • Leriqite's name was created by randomly pressing four keys and adding a few vowels between the consonants. This is why there is no 'U' in her name.
  • It's pronounced "Leri-kee-tay", not "Leri-kite", "Leri-quite" or "Leri-qui-tay" damn it!

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