Lenore Duvalier, also known as the Black Mouse, is a one-time street rat and pickpocket that grew up in the back alleys of Stormwind. She's not exactly meek, as her 'game' consists of distracting the attention of her targets so that she or someone else can nick their coinpurses. However, she made the mistake of targeting Osbourne, one of SI:7's noted rogues, and quickly got shown how an easy mark can turn into a big problem.

So what did she do? She begged him to show her all that he knew, and practiced and learned and pestered him some more.

Now, she's a rather formidable agent in her own right. She's deadly with her daggers, quiet as her namesake, and not above using a little charm to 'distract' someone at the right time.


She has a 'friendly understanding' with the assassins of House Ravenholdt, and has also been occasionally observed working with the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Her main association is to a loose-knit group of explorers, scholars, archivists, and treasure hunters known as The Arcanum, headed by Lady Zoe Evaron.


Lenore's body was found in a snowdrift high in the Alterac Mountains in late October of this year. Cause of death did NOT appear to be mauling by a Yeti, and according to statements given by SI:7, she was skilled enough as a fighter to earn their fear, if not respect. Instead, her corpse showed signs of some type of fast-acting toxin, introduced into the base of her skull by a long needle. Bruising on her upper arms and torso indicate that she was very likely grappled from behind, and then the nerve agent was used.

The body was pillaged, but an insignia of the "Arcanum" and a section of journal was recovered in a nearby cave.

October 20th -- It seems that the Forsaken are up to something. I waylaid a courier and found a directive from "the Royal Apothecary Society" to an alchemist somewhere out in the highlands of Arathi, along with a reply that 'research on the newest plague is progressing nicely'. I've turned the directive over to my SI:7 contact, and have been advised that my next move is to find this alchemist. I will do that in the morning, after I've found those stupid books that are supposedly in the ruins of Alterac. Need more wood for the campfire, so I'd best stop writing for now.

Miss Duvalier had no known relatives, living or dead. In accordance with the Last Will and Testament on file, her worldly possessions were sold and the proceeds delivered to the Cathedral of Light orphanage.

  1. Victim of a race change

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