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Information Edit

  • Name: Lamiel Rainleaf
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Age: Young Adult
  • Gender: Female
  • Height/Weight: 189cm/67kg
  • Class: Rogue
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Professions: Alchemy, Herbalism

Appearance Edit


Under Construction.

Personality Edit

Under Construction.

History Edit

"Let's play a game of hide and seek..."
"Hope the outcome won't be bleak."
Something snapped inside her.
A prelude to obscurity.
It was a sharp, immediate relief like the snapping of a rope that had constricted her heart for years.
Seeing that first drop of blood – always, when seeing the first drop – something melted. Like a wall of earth crumbling and dissolving in a hard rain. Like a sheet of ice breaking apart and letting a river run free.
Hair would be kept a hue of blue, like the darkest of nights.
Her form always kept bound in leather. Weapons sometimes seen gleaming.
A redolance of a sweet poison ghosting her very presence.
This became a game for the young Kaldorei girl, ever searching for her fate.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Under Construction.

External Links Edit

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