Ladencrel Talonbranch
WoWScrnShot 112108 193943
Game Information
Game Name World of Warcraft
Faction Alliance
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter, Druid
Guild Brethren of Lordaeron
Professions Engineering, Mining
Height 7'3"
Weight 219 lbs (without armor)
Gender Male
Hair Green
Eyes Amber
Age 10,238
Alignment Lawful Good

Once Commander of a certain unit of Night Elven Marksmen, Ladencrel now serves the Humans of Lordaeron in an effort to reclaim the land as well as study off of its corruption. Ladencrel was originally born into a peasant family and was conscripted into the Night Elven military once he reached adulthood. He trained as a Druid during the 10,000 year hibernation, under tutelage of Shan'Do Malfurion Stormrage.

Factional influences would include the Cenarion Circle, the Sentinels, the Humans of Stormwind, and the Valiance Expedition.

Personal HistoryEdit

A Childhood of PovertyEdit

Ladencrel was born as the oldest of a peasant family in what was once known as Suramar. His mother was stricken with a terrible illness and his father was away constantly, leaving Ladencrel to fend for his three younger siblings.

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