Kunziet Wovenstone

Kunziet tat

Northwind Templars
Appears to be a mature adult elf, that's going by looks. Kunziet can only recall around 7 years into the past.
Aspiring chef and soldier of the Horde
Current Residence
Chaotic Good with mostly enacted urges of another kind.



This pale Blood Knight is strikingly handsome, as though someone crafted him to be so. His face is painstakingly symmetrical and body perfectly sculpted. The elf's skin seems to stop just short of white while his hair shimmers silver as it catches the light. The fel glow of his eyes is muted and could be considered more amber than green.

His back bears a mauve tattoo, so light in color that it's easily mistaken for veins, a triangular cut gemstone with feathery wings that stretch from the small of his back to his shoulders.

This perfect elf is no longer flawless, his arms and fingers carry white veins that look like patched cracks, some look deeper than others, his right palm is burned as though he held a white hot shaft of iron, and his fingertips carry dark stains, almost like soot that never quite washes away.

When near him, you may discover that he smells like dust.


Kunziet is quite a nice guy, polite and well behaved, he treats everyone he comes in contact with respectfully (unless given orders from the Horde to kill them). He's quiet, valuing words spoken by others over his own. I listens intently in order to learn more about the speaker and to come to an understanding with them. Some have described Kunziet as insightful, he tends to offer well measured advice to his friends.

However, none of this is to say that those who are nice are good. Kunziet has selfish desires just like the best of people, he takes his job amongst the Horde and it's allies as a way to alleviate himself of the frustrations and sometimes violent urges that come up insides of him. Unconsciously he gravitates towards powerful allies, surrounding himself with those who are gifted with thought, speech, strength, cunning and magic. He's good to his allies, valuing them as he would his own family.


When in the company of others he's always smiling a closed lip smile, when he's standing around his fingers are always curled into his hair, and when he's upset about something, or nervous, he chews on his lower lip causing it to chap and bleed.


Please be aware that some of Kunziet's history is unknown, even to himself.

It all started with three friends. A strong Paladin of the Light, a cunning Dwarfish Rogue and a charismatic Priest. The keystone of this friendship was the Priest, a charming Elf with a penchant for manipulation and gaining the trust of others.


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