Fletcher, Herbalist, Alchemist
Suramar, Kalimdor
Chaotic Good
Mithrehin (mate), Olassieara (daughter), Juhara([1]) (daughter), Zofina (Adopted daughter)

Appearance Edit

Character History Edit

Kalenor was born Katan Rainstrider in the last days of the heights of the Kaldorei empire that spanned the known world of Kalimdor, before the sundering. He studied with the Druids of the time and occasionally Cenarius himself in secret, but all of that changed when the Sundering turned his life upside down.

Sadly, he missed most of the Long Vigil of the Sentinels. He was asleep in the barrow dens with Ysera and her Emerald Dream. As was customary, he would awaken periodically to walk around and do things for a few years before re-entering the dream. One such period of awakening was the War of the Shifting Sands. He fought with other druids supporting their forces in that conflict. It was a long and painful affair with a lot of loss, but in the end he came out the better as he met a sentinel woman named Mithrehin. They dated for a hundred years or so and were married at the foot of Nordrassil.

They had two daughters, Olassieara and eventually Juhara([2]). Ola took after her father's footsteps almost to a "t", learning the ways of the druid. The younger one, Juhara, took after her mother, obsessed with swords and fighting.

Eventually the demons returned, and the Sentinels awoke the Druids. Katan and Mithrehin fought tooth and nail to help save their people and all people from the Scourge and the Burning Legion. Both were injured, but survived. In the period of recovery that followed the unthinkable happened. The Horde - once their allies at Hyjal - invaded their home forest of Ashenvale. In their haste to leave and escape to Moonglade, Katan was killed while holding off the Horde so that his family could escape. He was buried near their new home in Moonglade and rested peacefully as a hero's rest for ten years. His spirit was left to wander the Emerald Dream where he continued to, when he could, watch over his family.

However it was not the end, for during the third invasion of the Scourge, his body was exumed and stolen, returned to the dread Necropolis Archerus...

OOC Information Edit

  • Kalenor's Armory Page: [3]

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