Josof Wildwing
Former Watcher, Ranger, Tracker
Lawful Good
Outwardly Stoic

Josof comes from the lower caste of Night Elven Society. For hundreds of years Josof was tasked with patrolling the borders of Ashenvale. He was known as a "Watcher" and his duties included protecting the barrow dens of the sleeping druids and dealing with any incursions into the forest. It is a lonely, often thankless task and explains Josof's stoic disposition. Retrieved from ""


A low whistle was the last thing the orc would ever hear. One by one they fell, arrows in the night cutting them down as if they were the trees that were being harvested by the Warsongs. After the confusion and futile defense, the warcrys and howls of the green ones finally ceased. A cloaked figure stepped out of the shadows and approached the encampment. Not a single orc or goblin was left stirring. Josof put out the campfire and quietly said a prayer to Elune, he had been tracking the orcs for three moons and finally determined they were not just passing through. Josof hated his work, but his home was under seige. The green ones and the rotten have been raping his forest and killing anything in their way.

WIP to be cont.

((Ingame character is "Josof", please feel free to rp with me anytime!))

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