Overall HistoryEdit

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Jokarr is a mercenary and assassin. He is young, only 19, but has reasonable combat skills, as a result of fighting in Loch Modan against the Mo'grosh Ogres and in the Stonetalon Mountains against Grimtotem Tauren and The Venture Company.

In The Beginning...Edit

Jokarr Lodric was born in Elwynn Forest, not far from Northshire Abbey. His parents were Derion and Melissa Lodric and he has no brothers or sisters. He grew up near the Abbey, because of this, his mother often took him there and so he not only developed a slight respect for the priests, but also an intimate knowledge of the surrounding area. Because Jokarr lived on a farm, he was no stranger to hard work, indeed, he may have had to work harder than others his age. The reason for this was because his father was a drunkard, who often could or would not take care of the tasks on the farm, and when he did, they were done with such poor quality that most of the time Jokarr and his mother had to do them over again.

Melissa was kindhearted and did everything possible to give her son a good life, this was hard, due to Derion, but she succeeded in many ways. One of them was in teaching Jokarr the rudimentaries of reading and writing, he didn't like them very much, but understood them almost perfectly. Thus, Jokarr lived his life in a content state, until one night, everything came crashing down around him.

He was 13 at the time and had just finished the evening chores, as he was coming in he heard his mother and father arguing. This was not an unusual thing, but Jokarr stayed outside all the same, to listen and learn. Eventually the argument escalated out of control and Derion, in his drunken state, took up a dagger and killed Melissa. As soon as Jokarr realized this, he took off running, with nothing more than the clothes on his back, his dagger and a small hunk of bread he had been snacking on. That night he ran faster and harder then he had ever run in his life, without looking around him, without caring where he would end up. His whole world had just been destroyed with one action and he was devastated.

As darkness fell, he found a small clump of bushes to hide in and fell asleep from exhaustion, this was the start of a new life for Jokarr.

As of February 13, Jokarr is dead. He was killed by John Tholain.

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