Jilljillbee Adda Brixizzle Kabang Miscellaneous Togglefizz, or Jill as she is most often called, is generally perceived as an extremely flamboyant Gnome. Her long and frizzy waves of lime green hair are usually tied behind her head in a loose ponytail. Her eye color isn't widely known, as she is almost constantly wearing goggles with either colored or reflective lenses. She is always wearing bright colors, though her clothes may or may not be singed or stained with greasy fingerprints. Even the finest of silks in her wardrobe are subject to this kind of treatment, and she seems entirely oblivious to it.


Jilljillbee is very curious, following the saying of her mentor, Professor Whizbang Sizzlefwoosh, to the letter. "There is no such thing as useless knowledge, no information impossible to gather, and no risk to great to gather it!" Jill will go to any length to prove/disprove her theories, test an invention, or gather new information, even if nobody cares about it. Much of this knowledge is put to use in the multitudes of inventions that clutter every inch of her home.

While determined, Jill has a fairly short attention span. If the opportunity arises to study something new, she races after it, no mater what she was doing beforehand. She has also been known to leave in the middle of important events without a word, simply to work on a new idea that popped into her head.


As the only daughter of heirs (of a large sum of money passed down and increased through generations) and inventors (most notably of the Gnomish Battle Chicken), Tiberius Rubidium Bandersnatch III and Yippee Callou Minnesota Vanillin, Jilljillbee had access to the best education, tools, clothes, and schematics that money could buy. She spent most of her childhood in her parents' apartment in Gnomeregan while they were busy experimenting or handling finances.

When they deemed she was old enough, her parents hired Professor Whizbang Sizzlefwoosh to be her permanent tutor, and the two quickly became close friends. He taught her most of what she knows and practices today, and the two remained close even after Jill moved out of her parents' home and started her own business. The two were even colleagues for a short amount of time. Their inventions never were as popular as Jill's parents', but they sold well enough for her to maintain the lifestyle that she had become accustomed to.

All of this changed, however, when Gnomeregan was invaded. They were able to bring their money, a few prototypes, and several schematics with them, but almost everything was left behind. Tiberius and Professor Sizzlefwoosh were also killed in the commotion. Jilljillbee and Yippee helped to build and eventually set up shop in Tinkertown. Yippee was later crushed to death while helping to build the Tram.

Jill's WorkshopEdit

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Kabang MiscellaneousEdit

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