Jerolan Tera'kuros Runeclaw

Me, myself, and I

Approx. 350 lbs.

"Being poor, I have only my dreams. I spread my dreams at your feet. Tread softly, as you tread upon my dreams." - Errol Partridge (Sean Bean) in Equilibrium


(From the RSP of Jerolan Tera'kuros Runeclaw)

"Jerolan stands at seven and a half feet tall. His snowy mane is rather clean, no thanks to the druid himself. If one looked close enough they may note the blackened tips of his ears, caused by the biting cold of Northrend, not a flame of any kind. Otherwise only a few things truly stand out. Two silver rings are pierced through the elf's left earlobe, and two scars are also visible upon his face. One scar, horizontal under the left eye while the other runs diagonally along the jawline, under the right ear and to the chin.

The druid is built rather well, putting most save for an orc to shame. Across his torso and biceps appear to be burnt markings, said marks actually look to be an intricate series of Kaldorei designs upon closer inspection. The ritualistic markings are of course, branded into the skin. Also, a third scar is more than likely visible if you can see these markings. Upon the right shoulder is a rather thick scar, with another scar matching it on his back."

Current Family/RelationsEdit

Ismond Boniface Archibald - One of Jerolans closest and most trusted friends, despite the humans criminal past -- both known and unknown to the druid. Possibly one of the only humans Jerolan would trust with his life, if the situation called for it.

Idril Nightshade - Another close friend to Jerolan. Despite her rejection of his advance made long ago, he no longer holds bitter thoughts of the priestess, and often prays to Elune in hopes the goddes will grant forgiveness for the ill words he spoke of her out of anger towards Idril.

Endelos Lan Wilde - An old friend of Jerolans. The druid has not seen the man in a long time. Being distanced from one of the few humans he (surprisingly) respected has caused some bitterness towards the rest of the race from Jerolan.

Allyandre Frostwhisper - The druids loving mate. Though her ways are strange, and their relationship has hit many bumpy roads and obstacles, the two seem drawn back to each other every time they part. Jerolan remains convinced that their paths will not drift astray this time though.

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