Name: Jahoc Crystalweaver  


Race: Dwarf


Alignment: Neutral Good


Height: 4’2


Fighting Class: Hunter


Weight: 183 Pounds.


Facial Features: The face of the dwarf is one of a tracker, his eyes are large like an owls. His nose large and protruding seems to be able to catch a scent from a mile away. The hair atop the dwarfs head is a hardy brown, thick and full. Jahocs beard is crusted and carries the stench of fresh meat. His plump rounded head is the size of a ogres hand, concealing a large brain.


Notable Features: The dwarves eyes are the most striking part, they are large and severe. Also the arms of this one are large than a usual dwarf, but his fingers looked neat and not dirty.


Social Traits: Reliable, responsible, truthful, orderly, loyal, respectful of authority, regular, structured, rigid, neat, methodical, and precise.


Occupation: Jahocs occupation is a precise craft which requires great patience and intelligence. He is a Special Unit Spy Detector. As a civil servant, he relishes his chance to protect the cities of the Alliance. His official objective is to detect and destroy any suspicious or known spies of the Horde in Alliance Territory.




Born atop the mountain peaks of Dun Morough, Jahoc was bore into a poor and depraved family. There shack was crude and barely kept out the cold, Jahocs parents were both loyal and devoted Alliance members. Jahoc’s parents were fiercely devoted to there jobs leaving little time to raise the young dwarf. Neglected and alone atop an unpopulated mountain Jahoc turned to reason and order. At his early days he poured himself into personal betterment and trained to become a structured and powerful Dwarf. In order to complete his tasks at hand he had to become a fighter. He had already been hunting atop the mountains when he decided he felt most comfortable with a bow and an axe.


Years passed and the Dwarf grew to a teen age of a Dwarf, hardly being in contact with his family at all. He turned to nature to feed his loneliness, animals he found were attracted to him. Jahoc could train and command some of fiercest animals atop the peaks.


Until one week where Jahoc decided to leave his family even though it was against his morale values he had nothing here. His family had neglected and disowned him for his entire feeble life. So the Dwarf descended the mountain with an axe and a bow and set off to make a life for him and to behold the laws of the Alliance forever.

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