"By the gods! Salty pie!"

Jaffar The Warrior Edit

Born and raised a human, Jaffar is, unsurprisingly, human. At a very early age, Jaffar displayed an unusual aptitude for, as his father put it, 'putting the sharp pointy end in the fleshy bleedy end." and took the sword with great enthusiasm. As his skill with the sword grew, he began to practice sorcery to compliment his martial skill, and developed an incredible skill in shadow mastery.

Jaffar The Death Knight Edit

Eventually, Jaffar was called to fight in battle, and fell at an unknown place at an unknown time. When he next opened his eyes, Jaffar was a Death Knight, and swept across the battlefield like a plague. Y'know, cause of all the disease spells he had. Plagues are kind of a Death Knight thing. His shadow magic complimented his newer necromantic abilities, as well as his all around "Grrr I kill you now!" mentality, resulting in a lean mean killing machine. While he was always one, during this time, he was extra dick-licious.

Jaffar of many faces Edit

Since his return into the fold of the alliance, Jaffar has begun to work tirelessly towards several goals, only two of which are actually known. While never dumb, his time under the Lich King's control has greatly expanded his mental capacities, or at least awakened unknown stores of brain power he never knew he had. With his powers over shadow magic, necromancy, and now Alchemy, Jaffar is working towards new, fully restored life.

For reasons unknown, possibly because of ass-ness, Jaffar has adopted several persona, though willfully, he's not crazy just weird. Included among them are Simon the Righteous, Special Inspector Jaffar Fontaine, and Alexander the Templar. Oddly enough, none of these three people have ever been seen in the same place at the same time!

Oh right, it's all Jaffar.

Jaffar the Bromantic Edit

Jaffar is awesome, and part of what makes him awesome is his best buddy Murph. Counter to his own shadow magic, Murph is quite good at using the light. The two go on wacky adventures and are both war-buddies from the past. Though tight and awesome, they ain't no homos.

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