Ismond Laldere

Silvered Bronze Izzy -2

255 lbs
Chaotic Neutral


Ismond is a ferociously ugly man. Pock marks, scars and wrinkles all blemish the mans calleoused skin. His hair is a graying shade of what must have once been a lusterous black, speckled like pepper. The sharpness of his features and permanent scowl do not do much to enhance his image, giving him a constant appearance of anger. Aside from the unfortunate appearance that he was gifted with at birth, he has also inked many designs into his flesh.

In a land where so many men touch the six foot mark, he stands somewhat shorter in stature than most. A few inches seems to buffer him from that mark and another few from those surrounding him. However, any size lost in height is made up for in width. His chest is barrelled and wide enough for two men. However, he is in no way toned or "ripped" to the extreme that many men are these days either. No doubt the muscles bulge to immense sizes but they are padded with a thin layer of fat (somewhat larger around the middle).

Usually his eyes dart around him in all directions although his does make exception during a conversation. For the most part he shows respect enough to maintain eye contact save for a surveying glance in all directions every few minutes. Those close enough to speak to him likely would also notice a smell that never fails to linger on him. Stale tobacco, alcohol and sweat all cling to his aroma.


I'd tell you... but nah. (I'm too lazy.)

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