The Highmountain Tribe is a nomadic group of tauren that has existed for over 10,000 years, since before the era of the War of the Ancients. This article concerns the history and status of the tribe on Moon Guard, especially as it pertains to player characters.

After the SunderingEdit

The tribe took heavy losses from its involvement in the first invasion of the Burning Legion, and this instilled in its lineage a sense of isolationism. The Highmountain adopted new philosophies that encouraged its people to keep to themselves and not risk one's safety to reach out to others in need, not even other tauren tribes. These philosophies became tradition over the generations, which in turn became dogma.

As other tribes began to shun the Highmountain for their uncooperative selfishness, the tribe's choice of range slowly narrowed. Their nomadic route was eventually whittled down to a path between what is today Hyjal (for which the tribe earned its name) and Desolace. The Highmountains spent the warmer months taking advantage of the mountain's unclaimed plenty, then descended to the then-fertile plains of Desolace during the winter, called the "Winter Lands" amongst the tribe.

Recent HistoryEdit

As Durotar was settled by the Horde, and as Cairne Bloodhoof rallied most tauren tribes to its cause, the Highmountain Tribe's isolationism was set into new contrast. The chieftain warned that only death would come to those who pledged duty to the Horde. But the inspiring courage, strength, and security of the orcs were too tempting for many idealistic Highmountains, especially younger shu'halo. The tribe suffered a dire rate of attrition.

Virtually all the NPCs in the game named Highmountain had forsaken their tribe in this manner, and decided it was worth the risk to help others. These include Melgromm and Trag Highmountain. Known tauren players whose character history originated with the Highmountain Tribe are listed below.

The Tribe TodayEdit

It is unknown whether the tribe has broken completely, or if a loyal core still remains secluded in some remote location in northern Kalimdor. Chieftainship was passed down by bloodline, so were an heir to leave for the greater call of Azeroth, it may have spelled doom for the continuance of the tribe itself.

Known Highmountain PlayersEdit

  • Onnalaya Highmountain
  • Opialaya Highmountain

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