Highlord Kyrionn Lightbane

Highlord Kyrionn Daggeron Lightbane

Kyrionn Daggeron Lightbane, a heartless monster hidden under the disguise of a charming, handsome young elf. He will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and fulfil his own hunger and desires.

HistoryKyri Edit

Kyrionn Daggeron Lightbane was born a runt in the streets of Quel'Thalas for, what seems like aeons ago now, most of his life. During his adolesent years is when he commited his first crime, beginning a new, sick obsession. He began to stalk the streets of his home killing peasants, whores, women and children alike, always using his charm and etiquette to seduce his innorcent victims.

Over the years he increased his skills in thievery, not to mention the odd kill or two, which soon turned into hundreds a week. He was hunted for a while calling himself "The Ripper", when he was finally brought to justice and sentenced to death. Alas, fate works in strange ways, the day of his execution was the date of the terrible scourge invasion on Quel'Thalas. Without a second thought, the maddened and enraged Kyrionn began slaying both scourge and high elves alike; they were all animals to him.

Soon confronted by the former Prince Arthas, he solomly pledged his undying alligence to the Lich King, and to make sure it was undying, Arthas granted Kyrionn the Gift of Immortality. Years have passed since that day and unknown to both Highlord Darion Mograine and the other Death Knights, the young monster known as Kyrionn Daggeron Lightbane help his master by sacrificing as many of those foolish Death Knights as he can to lure out the real threat to his Master......Tirion Fordring.

Kyrions Past

Kyrion Terrorizing the streets of Quel'Thalas (when he was alive)

PersonalityKyri Edit

He appears to be handsome, charming, seductive and well mannered, but this is far from his true nature. Kyrionn survives on constant lies, scheming, and destroying the world around him. A charming monster, who never really had a heart. Kyrionn is nothing short of a vile construct of a man, even after death his need to feed off the emotional torment of others has only grown stronger, making it very difficult to keep his Gentleman's composure, when he finds his latest prey.

AppearanceKyri Edit

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