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Undead, formerly dragon
Hellbane Manor, Formerly Scourge
Zerehedord Hellbane (student)


Hellcroft was originally an ordinary spell blade created by the war-mage, Edmund Hellbane. Following the fall of Stormwind City and the death of Edmund that resulted, Hellcroft was kept by the Shadow Council along with the preserved body of its fallen master. When Edmund was reanimated as a nefarious death knight, the spell blade was transformed into a runeblade and with the assistance of the arch mage, Phabien Coldbringer, it soon became so much more.

Recently, it has recently come into possession of Zerehedord Hellbane.


Hellcroft was originally crafted as a two-handed spell blade for the war-mage, Edmund Hellbane. It was designed as a weapon to fight against the Horde during the first war. The blade itself seemed to enhance Edmund's power, allowing him to fight using both arms and magic. Along with its master, Hellcroft was quickly becoming known as a slayer of orcs and was the envy of mages and warriors alike. When Edmund fell in battle defending Stormwind Keep, it was taken by the Shadow Council along with its master's corpse and preserved for several years.

Eventually, Edmund was reanimated as a death knight and claimed Hellcroft as his rune blade. The blade itself played an integral part in the demise of Hellbane Manor and Alabaster Hellbane.

Following the destruction of Hellbane Manor, Edmund enlisted Phabien's aid in enhancing the blade further. They ventured into the Badlands in search of the black dragon known as Tadregos. They fought and slew the mighty dragon together. Upon the dragons death, Edmund took the creature's soul and gave it to Phabien as a regent. The soul was then infused into the blade. As a result, the blade gained its own consciousness and actually identified itself as 'Hellcroft' for the very first time.

During the third war, as Edmund became part of the Scourge, it began to transform into the hideous rune blade it is presently.

After Edmund was defeated in Andorhal by Zerehedord Hellbane, the then paladin claimed the weapon as his own in the hopes of purifying it and converting it into a weapon of holy righteousness. However, the plan back fired when Zerehedord discovered that he had actually been killed in the battle against his uncle and immediately reanimated and how found that the light had left him as a result. Hellcroft convinced Zerehedord to learn the ways of the death knight.

Since the fall of the Lich King, Hellcroft has become lethargic and has fallen silent. The cursed rune blade is now nothing more than a weapon of dark righteousness.

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