Lore and History Edit

The Hall of Finer Discipline, a place of refining, training, honing one's skill to become a more successful member of whatever they wish to be is a full campus institution nestled on a small island off the cost of Eversong, classes of all sorts take place, ranging from mundane use of the Arcane for simple tasks all the way to instructions on how to silently and stealthily rid the world of an enemy.

The faculty and Sr. Students of the guild consider themselves more of a family than a school, which is the atmosphere the Head Mistress of the school Hedeira Whyte, and her Deans strive for, accepting of all that seek their doors.

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In-Game GoalsEdit

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The Hall of Finer Discipline is an active currently growing guild on the Moon Guard server, while it's roots are in Light-Medium Roleplay, it has serious PvE aspirations already beginning a serious of successful all guild five-man instance runs, and working steadily towards beginning ten person raids.


Head Mistress- Hedeira

Deans- Wutizlief, Lashin, Ayrshire

Instructors- None yet

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