This article is about the guild, Green with Envy, and it's every day operations.

Green with Envy is ran by Tricillia, a gnome mage who is played as a goblin. It is based off the Goblin Hierarchy and runs very much like a business dealing with actual goods and gold. You don't need gold to join, just the ability to understand the hierarchy and where your character would fit into it.

"You realize we're basically role playing gold farmers, right?" -Erialistia

Business Listings Edit


Events Edit

  • Solider's Ball
  • Jousting Tourney catering

People of Importance Edit

  • Tricillia
    • The posing Trade Princess of the trade ring.
  • Moguls
  • Baron/Baroness
    • Serendiety

Joining Edit

We are no longer accepting applicants for the guild, only for raiding.

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