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DELETE THIS PAGE. CHARACTER DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE. 010101010101010101010110101010101001010101111111!!!Edit


I really know that not too many care but.... I don't play this character anymore although he does exist, still, at Moon Guard. He's probably going to sit at level 40..... forever? Who knows? The point of this is that this page will probably be updated at a much later date (or never). If you ever have any questions go ahead and ask.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Garroka seems to be quite handsome for an orc. He has large muscles and a young face with stubble covering his chin. He wears the armor of a Scarlet soldier, he see's killing their champions is a great accomplishment. He holds a large sword, which he has named Thel'Gash. It's sides are covered in some ancient language. It seems the name of his blade is also the language on his blade. He holds a large, dirtied shield of a Stormwind City guard in the other hand.


Garroka is very sarcastic, often kidding around. He is the "buddy" of the group most of the time. Even though he can be fun, he delights in violence. He loves his job as a pirate and mercenary, especially when he gets to kill someone in cold blood. He is also very loyal to those around him. He would never betray or do anything against people who mean a great deal to him. If he had any, he'd be loving and caring to his family.....


(Coming Soon!)... Not Really.

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