Gaithe Attius

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Formerly of the Cerca Trova
Current Residence
Stormwind, or (formerly) The Manor Eternum
Known Family
Trajan Raroricus Sr.
(Father, Deceased)
Trajan Raroricus Jr.
(Brother, Unknown)
Mary Raroricus
(Mother, Deceased)
Sasha Raroricus
(Sister, Deceased)
Malak Raroricus
(Brother, Deceased).
Chaotic Neutral


A minor character in Stormwind's recent history, Gaithe is a 27-year old citizen of Stormwind.

Where it all startedEdit

Born in Redridge, he came to Stormwind around the time that Lordaeron fell to Arthas. After joining the Guard, and staying there for a few months, he left and descended into a simpler lifestyle, committing small crimes, and occasionally the large theft.

Time goes onEdit

After a while, he began to drop so far as joining the Twisted (Not of his own will, but rather enslaved by them). He broke free eventually, and still had many scraps with Eclo, a popular desciple of Khraven. He's been known for his attempts to kill, and recently he's come close to killing two Guards; Vodeus Gaunt and Glonstern (Both of whom he knew closely while in the Guard).

As of late...Edit

Gaithe at one point joined the cross-faction organization Cerca Trova, yet the direction of both himself and the group differed resulting in the two parting ways.


Physically, Gaithe isn't much different from his fellow Humans. As a warrior, he has quite a few scars on his body (and one large one on his chest, reading 'ECLO' in large letters). Other than that, he is an average appearing Human.

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