Four Winds Traders Edit

These dedicated merchants that have united together to sell their goods in a fair and respectful atmosphere. Each Merchant has a business of their own and is not subject to limiting themselves to set inventory or sales ideas. They will join together and sell their goods at Open Markets, Caravans, and random sales events as well as selling their goods on an individual basis between events.

Guidelines Edit

  • Traders have dedicated themselves to their craft. They are willing to work hard to keep up with the demands of what the citizens of Azeroth need.

  • Traders have sworn to keep their prices fair, treat their customers with respect and integrity and maintain a considerate working relationship with other merchants.

  • Traders will attend as many Open Markets as their personal schedule will allow. They will make sure they are prepared before each event with materials, macros, and preset prices for their goods.

  • Traders understand that all ads on any channel shall be respectful and not reflect badly on our guild or it's members.

Contact Us Edit

Your ship has arrived! Jump aboard and begin a new adventure with the Four Winds Traders. Send Mail to our Guildmistress Kyuress in game to Petition our Guild. Seek more information at our guild Website on GuildPortal: Four Winds Traders

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