Introduction Edit

We are a heavy RP guild of the Horde faction on the Moon Guard server.

Our forums are located at

Theme Edit

Years of war have destroyed more than your home and way of life. They have destroyed your future. You have become a weapon. Your heart beats to the drums of war. The acrid scent of the battlefield is more familiar to you than the comforting smells of the hearth. You are driven by honor, glory, or a burning desire to see the last of your enemies driven from your lands.

The leaders of the Horde have their own secret plans for defeating the Scourge and gaining power. Soldiers are sent to battles in distant lands, ordered to lay down their lives for causes that aren't always just. Those lucky enough to return home discover dark plots and intrigue. In the bloody haze of warfare, the military has lost its nobility.

You would lay down your life for your people without question, hesitation or regret... but you will not die in vain. You will not die dishonored.

We invite you to take up arms with soldiers and heroes who feel as you do, brothers who will stand by your side on the battlefield. Our homelands must be saved from more than just the Scourge. Like us, you have been forged by war. We welcome you.

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