At a Glance Edit

Name in Life = Ferde Lighthoof
Name in Death = Ferde Shadowhoof
Guild = Knights of Menethil
Class = Death Knight
Spec = Blood
Faction = Alliance
Race = Dwarf
Sex = Male
Professions = Herbalism, Alchemy

Ferde is a Death Knight on Moon Guard.

The Raising Edit

I remember one thing upon being raised by the Scourge Necromancers. Blood. Blood smeared on the walls from Gods know what. Blood smeared on the floors from the corpses of the damned. Blood from those deemed "unworthy" of the King's gift. As my mentor, Lord Thorval, put it, "The blood is life". It is also death.

I came back into the world unlike when I first entered it. Instead of kicking and screaming, there was somber silence. A silence which was only broken by HIM. Rasuvious. I never cared for the man. Far too cocky for his own good. His ego will be the death of him.

It was HE who commanded me to get to my feet and find a blade to call my own. It was HE who commanded me to kill or be killed. It was HE who sent me to the King to enter servitude. It was HE who trained me to become the instrument of his destruction.

My existence continues only to see his demise.

Combat Experience Edit

Living = Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, countless others. Undeath = New Avalon, Hearthglen, Tyr's Hand, Light's Hope Chapel.

Preferred WeaponsEdit

True to himself in life, Ferde prefers heavy blunt weapons or battleaxes. He dislikes smaller, lighter weapons, seeing them as "inferior".

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