Height: 10' 8" Weight: 120 lbs Age: 900,001 Race: Cat/Night Elf/Blood Elf/Demon/Dragon Theme Song: Sukoduposhittyanimemusicdesu

Feranor is amazingly tall and sexy. He is so sexy, in fact, that if you are not having sex with him at this very moment, you are a terrible RPer and a godmoder. Feranor has a pair of paper cat ears taped to his head and an actual cat tail glued to his shapely ass. His breasts are massive things of beauty. He has a very sexy and slim hourglass figure. He has massive demon horns from his forehead and huge dragon wings on his back. he wears Frostmourne across his back too. On his face is a glowing >:3 tattoo which changes colors with his emotions.

Feranor is part demon and part dragon, but no body knows this because he is so powerful he hides it no matter what. His father is Kil'Jaedin, and his mother is Ner'Zhul. HIs Uncle is Arthas, who taught him all the powers of the Death Gods. His brother, Illidan taught him to control his demon powers. Sadly, Feranor couldn't save Illidan from becoming evil, so Feranor retreated to Northrend where he was turned into a druid by A'Dal. There he learned how to be a cat and fight, because that is what druids that are cats do. Then Alexstraza came to him and turned him into a dragon of all the flights and they slept together and made teh secret sixth flight, the Flight of Feranor. Shortly after, though, Arthas killed them all because he had became evil to. After that, Feranor ran to Quelthalas and became a half blood elf. After that, Feranor wandered Azeroth for a time. He went on many adventures with Rhonin and Med'an and Knaak. Feranor recently became married to Sylvanas and Jaina and Tyrandra. He has also drunk all the fel futa water in Un'Goro that used to belong to the Blolodstalker Tribe. This gave him special powers not detailed here as they are NSFW.

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