Favijitaki Mossflayer
Somewhere between 16-22
Beastmaster [Bear Pet]
Sargent of Stormrock, Alchemist and Flower-Picker
Ikutamba (Husband)
Chaotic Nuetral


Favijitaki was born in the Mossflayer Tribe that presently resides in the Eastern Plaguelands. She was banished from the Tribe for not worshiping the tribes prime deity, instead worshipping the bear.

Life in ExileEdit

Favijitaki spent a long time traveling around Lordaeron, once in Hinterlands the Revantusk Trolls treated her with suspicion but told her that if she wished to find a new home, she should go across the sea through the boat in Booty Bay. She shortly arrived in Ratchet and was led by orcs to the Valley of Trials to be tested.


Ikutamba was the first Darkspear she actually met that didn't work under the Horde directly (meaning he was a PC not an NPC). He didn't seemed shocked that she was from the forests, her different build being a telltale sign (Forest Trolls are a little more lankier for tree navigation.) He welcomed her and embraced her....... before long they were married (however Trolls do it) and she bore a daughter.

The Stormrock ClanEdit

Favijitaki left the Bloodhowl Legion and joined the Stormrock Clan with Ikutamba, while she questions the judgements of Gromnash, she respects the wisdom of her superior Iriaiko

Present TimeEdit

Favijitaki has left her home to her husband as she explores the new land of Kalimdor with her long time companion Yuutee'skam if you see her, offer her food, water, and lodging, for she will be too stubborn to ask, she may ask for directions seeing as how this is a new land. Be polite and she won't eat you

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