Fannie is a Gnome Death Knight on the Alliance Faction of Moon Guard US.

Colonel Fannie Frostsprocket


Lich (Death Knight)
Ebon Blade, Grand Alliance, Knights of Menethil
Jewelcrafting/Engineering (Piloting)
3' 2"
12 lb (without armour)

Colonel Fannie Frostsprocket Edit

Basic Biography Edit

  • Living name: Captain Fannie Fortunebolt
  • Relatives: Various family members living inside Ironforge, father and sister in Stormwind. Husband Aulnoy failed to escape Gnomeregan, presumed either dead, or leprotic.
  • Employment History: Captain of the Gnomeregan Military, Aerial Assault Pilot, Scourge Meat Wagon Pilot, Death Knight, Colonel of the Knights of Menethil.
  • Nickname: Fanners, Fan, Fans, Colonel, the Horribly Monotone.

Physical Description Edit

Although petite like any gnome, Fannie has had the displeasure of being dead for many years. Fannie is, in a word, decomposing heavily. Her throat is slashed, her words eternally mangled and rough. She doesn't actually have a heart, and her "hair" is, in fact, a clever array of bloodied hay and dead strings of hair. Her face is extremely sunk, and one of her frozen globes radiates much more dimly than the other. Her skin is either disfigured or in some places nonexistent, and the only thing keeping this miserable collection of flesh together is necromantic magic and willpower.

Despite this, many years of nonstop training has built her reaction time and skill up considerably. Fannie is an accomplished practitioner of frost magic, and alongside her abilities with a blade she is a worthy duelist. Her body is constantly covered in armour, pieces of Saronite and Titansteel grafted on in some places to keep her together.


Affiliation/History Edit

The Gnomeregan Records Bureau tells that Fannie was a pilot in the Gnomeregan Aerial Assault program. Besides this, the only other information left is some garbled text about a bomber, the Lady Invention, being one of the best kept planes. "Fortunebolt", though, is a name Fannie no longer goes by.

Recent Developments Edit

After leading the Knights of Menethil in their Siege of Icecrown goals, and with the Lich King defeated, Fannie Frostsprocket mentioned something about coming undone and slunk into the depths of Gnomeregan. While Gnomish agents have reported strange activity around Block P2L and a pair of dark figures meandering about several highways, no one matching the description of Fannie has appeared in Tinker Town's radar.

Only time will tell if Fannie truly went to Gnomeregan to die in peace, or if King Mekkatorque's Operation Gnomeregan will coax the monstrous Knight out of her hypertechnological hole.

( To follow Fannie's story between now and Operation Gnomeregan, watch this thread on the Knights of Menethil forums [1] for updates. )


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