Errigal Camille is best known for his involvement in the Deeprun Thieves Network as well as The Scarlet March. He is often seen near the park, cussing at everything with pointy ears. He is also gayer than christmas.

Justicar Errigal Simeon Camille
"Tailor" and Herbalist
Unknown, currently M.I.A.
"Lori" N. Camille (Mother), A.R. Camille (Father, Deceased), Calethy L. Camille-Ashier (Sister), Lohanna I. Camille (Sister), Syviel E. Camille (Sister), Aemilia Z. Camille (Sister), "Lissie" D. Camille (Sister), Anne-Lynn G. Camille (Sister), "Rosie" J. Camille (Sister), Elaina R. Camille (Sister)

Physical FeaturesEdit

Errigal's hair is a bright red and his tanned skin is riddled with freckles. His eyes are green. The only thing mysterious or "off" about him is is cleanliness. No real man's man is this well taken care of. He's been working out lately! You know, killing forsaken and orcs in Arathi Basin. There was once a time where he was a stick man but these days he could probably get away with wearing a nice set of heavy armor. Of course, no warlock wants to hinder themself with all that.


"Rumors spread faster than a night elf woman eager to 'plant a tree'. If anything went wrong, if anything got out to tarnish the family reputation, Errigal was it. There was no way to get rid of him, being the only legitimately born male of the house. The guards, the maids, the useless peons, everyone would encourage him on his path of political destruction. As much as a disgusting mess the young man was, it drew more popularity, pity for the rest of his family. The sisters thrived on it, loved it, nothing was better than the newest gossip of their kid brother giving the scholars 'lip', killing his latests for another, he was a living drama you didn't have to sit in the opera house for. However, his father struggled to see the novelty. The boy was not yet twenty and he was already ruining years of favor with the church, lurking around abbeys, spitting on the trainees knowing there was little they could do in defense.."

Special AbilitiesEdit

Erri can knitt one hell of a weapon cozie. Got that gift from his mother's side, no doubt.

Positive Personality TraitsEdit

For someone who consorts with demons, he is very family oriented. It wouldn't be an odd thing to see him escorting his sisters around Stormwind City. There is rumors about him protecting medics on the battle field, but he'd probably deny it.

Negative Personality TraitsEdit

As expected of a prissy noble, he doesn't approve of most peasants. He takes every oppourtunity to show off his sharp tongue. His ego can barely fit in his head. Enjoys his herbs a little bit too much when off duty. Thinks women are objects, for the most part. This list could go on forever.

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