Emerith Aldierr

Emerith, of the Cult of the Onyx Plague.

Full Name
Emerith Tallya Aldierr
Death knight
Died at the age of 24.
Nowhere in particular.
True Neutral


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Goals and MotivationsEdit

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~In progress~


-Emerith is very sweet and innocent, unlike many of her fellow Death Knight counterparts-but as the majority who were unlucky, she has no memory of her past.

-She acts as though she were twelve the majority of the time.

-The girl is very shifty, mere words of flat lies can sway her like a branch on a tree.

-She constantly refers to Archerus as her home, the Lich King as her father-considering he awoke her, and her fellow Death Knights as brothers and sisters the moment she sees the azure eyes. However, her alignment with the Lich King is far gone, and she does not often associate with other Knights. Perhaps considered as a method to wipe away a sense of loneliness.


Emerith Aldierr, before her death as an archeologist.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Those who have heard of the Timeless Shadow, or even walk the streets of Stormwind may have heard her name from few in whispers, or even seen most stray away from her because of her connections to the man dubbed as Isorian. Some know her as a deceiver with her innocent attitude, or others may say she's a sweet soul lost in the maze of death that she stumbled into by accident. Most who have heard at least something of her know even very little of this entity, as though she makes a lasting impression on you-then was never there. As though she were someone sweet and innocent who had turned on you, or vice versa. She creates an odd feel of security and insecurity-and that is what is most known of her, naught but mystery,

OOC StuffEdit

Feel free to contact me OOCly if you just so happen to read this and take an interest. I'm usually contactable and I am usually in love with any sort of random roleplay. So, please-don't hesitate.

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