== History =Edit

<Childhood> Eliza was born in a small house in Goblin town of Rachet to her father, Todd Marsh, and her mother, Wynndrea "Winney" Marsh, she lived a rather common life, sides for her parents seemingly lack of being there, due to the fact that her parents were slayers, a sect. of its own bias to the grand Alliance in all ways, bred to slayer things most would not even dream of seeing. Eliza being a pure blooded Slayer was born with a gift, a talent which allowed her to pump adrenilne much faster then other human's allowing her mommments of higher power, relexss and stamina, the risk for this, is due to its increase in blood flow also, her heart pumps more than it can handle, and also is unable to slow down at times, risking death due to this, but she has found a mixture of herbs that she can take to calm her down and stop herself from dying to heart failure. <Teenager> She wasn't a teen for long, in mind set, she had began to feel closer to the light, deeper in mind, and she had felt stronger, able to earn the title *Bully slayer* After she had beaten up the school bully at various times, and all in all a well loved young woman, also attracting the eyes of some young men and older, sadly, this turned on her 2 days after her 13th birthday.

As she was walking home one day near the docks from school, she was crowded, unknowingly shoveled into a ship *Till it was too late* The momment she noticed she was off the dock, WHAM! A large blunt object hit her head and she was out like a light. When she awoke she was in nearly no clothing, and a collar around her neck, she, had become a slave, and she was on a goblin slave ship. <Slavery> As a slave, she was exposed to the worst the world had to offer, beatings, posion testing, and other un-speakable horrors


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