Silwyn Hollowind Edit

The Talon of Aviana

-Druid of the Talon-



Silwyn Hollowind has a strong presence. Knotted with braids, beads, bones, and feathers his hair is unkempt, wild, and long. His stare is hard and narrow, stabbing you judiciously like a typical Kaldorei. Silwyn has tall and proud antlers sprouting from his head. His skin is as pale as the moon, and his expression is set. Silwyn seems both feral and old.

Silwyn traveled from his home to the far away and exotic world of the Eastern Kingdoms to find his missing sister. She was kidnapped, or so he believes, by the diplomats that invaded his homeworld when the Alliance formed. Lost, alienated and alone in this place Silwyn attempts to find root in Stormwind. However he finds it difficult due to his mule-headedness, intolerance of humans, and inability to adapt.

Silwyn was born years and years ago in Eldre'Thalas, now more commonly referred to as Dire Maul, located in Feralas. The majority of the Hollowinds were slaughtered during the Great Sundering. The survivors of the tribe now dwindle as years pass. The family of Hollowinds were avid followers of Aviana and a strong family of the Druids of the Talon. The Hollowinds were a noted family that participated in spying and espionage in the Third War. The few that lived traveled north to Zin-Azshari and became hunters and gatherers outside the city. When Zin-Azshari fell, Silwyn found himself alone among the rubble of his crumbling society and decaying family. Seclusion wrapped itself around Silwyn, and he adapted to the loneliness of his predicament.

As the Alliance formed many of the druids traveled to the new city of Darnassus. Silwyn's sister was no exception. At that time she went missing and he was forced to leave his home world to locate her. Now he finds himself, uncomfortably, in the human city of Stormwind.

Here is a blog entry from a friend about Silwyn.

Read it, it's great.

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