Durane Altoire was of the noble Altoire family and was also a court wizard in the service of Lord Perenolde of Alterac.  Durane, a charismatic and charming man, learned how to weave full tapestries of deception, intrigue, and manipulation in the court of Alterac.  Through such methods, he was able to gain a sizable fortune for himself at the expense of the citizens.  Prior to the Second War, Altoire was arranged to be married to Miracira Delane in a deal with her family.  However, those plans fell apart when Mira stole every last bit of money her parents had and fled the country.  After the breakout of the Second War, Lord Perenolde entered into an alliance with the Horde in exchange for the safety of his kingdom.  Altoire was the emissary between Alterac and the Horde, constantly relaying information to the Orcs.  After several Alterac sailors and soldiers were found assisting the Horde, the Horde sent a message through Altoire to Lord Perenolde to expect an attack soon.  The message never made it to Perenolde.  As the Alliance began its assault on Alterac, Altoire disappeared to the west and has not been heard from since.

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