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Duend Sin'dyne [pronounced Doo-END Sin-dine] is a shadowpriest on the Moon Guard (of course) server in <Solvo Militis>.


Duend, at the human equivalent of 23, is young for a Blood Elf. He stands at 5'11 and is rather thin. His clothes, a mix of whatever seemed comfortable at the time he was getting dressed, rarely make any attempt to match' each other, and his messy hair denotes an elf that just doesn't care about your opinion of him.


Despite his rather care-free atire, Duend is, for a Blood Elf, stereotypically narcissitic. He doesn't just think he's better than you, he knows it. That being said, he generally keeps these views to himself. If he does speak, it is a usually sarcastic tone. Duend struggles with (or, perhaps, 'enjoys' is a better word) a bloodthistle addiction which he supplements which various alchemical recipes he creates. He is not quick to warm up to others and is generally distrusting. Having only recently left Silvermoon recently to study under the Apothecaries of the Undercity, Duend does not speak fluent Orcish, and prefers to use his native tongue of Thalassian, when possible.


Duend's family made a trade out of being priests--not to say that they didn't believe what they preached, just that they preached it well--and Duend was training to become a priest himself when he met the love of his life, Ael Sunvein, a handsome warlock just a few years his senior. Though Duend's sister was very supportive, his parents quickly disowned him.

Not long after, the Scourge invaded the region. In the chaos, Duend and Ael were abducted by a nearby band of troll priests. As their beloved city burned in the distance, the two elves were subjected to torture and repeated exorcisms. Ael died only a few days before Duend managed to escape, and Duend has held a constant grudge against both trolls of all kinds and The Light, for failing to help them in their time of need, and he has never forgiven himself for being unable to save Ael.

When Duend managed to return to Silvermoon, he found his sister dead and the rest of his family missing. He was devastated and tried to drink away his sorrows, eventually leading to his bloodthistle addiction, which he continues to have to this day.

The Blood Elves new alliance with the Horde has lead Duend to study Alchemy under the Apothecaries at the Undercity.


"What use is the Light against the power of Shadow?"

"Events are quickly forgotten. It's the people we remember."

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