Dreamscythe Nightspinner was a lowborn Night Elf. she was initially a street thief, but as she grew up, acquired enough money to work as an innkeeper. she lived a cheerful life as an innkeeper, until a Horde raid destroyed all of her guests, her family, and her inn.

very slowly, she began to lose her sanity.

she enlisted as an elite Sentinel, and quickly rose through the ranks. however, she was ejected dishonorably for unecessary brutality, partially caused by her dormant insanity. she was punished by being given the order to watch over Illidian Stormrage as long as he was imprisoned. when Tyrande freed him in hopes that he could turn the tide of battle, she was one of the few not killed by Tyrande. she knew she had absolutely no chance against the powerful priestess, and hid, using an improved shadowmeld she had learned as a street thief. she was exiled from Darnassus after being discovered, and was branded with the name of Dreamscythe the Outcast.

to hide her shame, she heard of exploits in Northrend, and headed to Valiance Keep, being the only night elf there, not to mention the only female. she recieved harsh scrutiny and much scorn until easily defeating four men of her size. she fought in the front lines against the Scourge, even taking down a Crypt Lord solo.

however, her luck was about to run out. while defending a retreat with a five man rear phalanx, she was killed by a pot shot from a Nerubian Assasin, sent specifically to kill her..............

and be raised as a Death Knight.

she is today one of the most powerful of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and is almost feared amongst night elves.she treats her own race with general neutrality, but if anything from her past is touched on, her insanity surfaces and she enters a beserker rage. other than that, she is a friendly person, with people skills learned from her time as an innkeeper.

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