Operational Advisor Dreadbane of the TInker Town Special Ops Edit

ScreenShot 071409 142428

Dreadbane performing his duties in the Tram.

Dreadbane is a callous, foul mouthed gnome currently working in the organization of the Tinker Town Special Ops. He is an accomplished miner and engineer, along with enjoying demonological studies.

Name: Dreadbane [Family name, first name unknown]

Age: 31

Title: Operational Advisor

Profession: Engineer

Affiliation: Tinker Town Special Ops

Personality: Callous, cruel, and vicious to all but the gnomish race, he has a strong disdain of all other races of the alliance. Very juxtaposed with the rest of his fun loving and enjoyable gnomish comrades, Dreadbane is serious and skeptical, always quick to criticize and quicker to make an unnecessary comment.

In the works. Expect more soon!

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