Race: Draenei
Class: Mage
Guild: <The Sha'nash>
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 215lbs
Profession: Lorekeeper
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: Over 30,000
Eye Colour: White
Hair Colour: White
Skin Color: Violet
Birthplace: Argus
Affiliations: Aldor
Family: Athruun (son)
Partner: Married to Arachos

"All who have been blinded need not their eyes, the Light of the Naaru will grant sight." - Lorekeeper Dralosa

Dralosa by wldbsalsgml

My commission of Dralosa by the very talented Minhee. See the original here on deviantart: And also on the official website in the fanart gallery, here:

Dralosa by zazii

(( Entire page is Babies. And WIP. ))


Profile portrait by

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