Early Life.

Middle Years.Edit

By age seventeen, Devan had also enlisted in the Lordaeron army, alongside his brother who since then had been made lieutenant. He had heard that Stormwind had fallen to the Orcish Horde from his superiors and was sent off to fight them on distant battlefields. During these dark days, Devan had turned to the Holy Light and found much piousness in the practice. In a suprise request by Archbishop Faol, he was called to Stratholme's Alonsus chapel. Kneeling before the consecrated Altar, he pledged the words. "By my Blood and Honor I serve." and became a paladin. With newfound light given powers, he set off on a mighty strike of retribution upon the horde whenever the opportunity arose. Though he found much more excitement in the righteous havoc he wrought upon his foes then healing those who had fallen. Devan's most dire moment was when his father, Gunther. Who had also enlisted to help defend his land, was slain by a party of orcs attacking a series of towers. In a murderous rage, he attacked every orc he could find, killing them, even going out of his way to hurt them. make them feel the hurt he had felt in his heart. by Morning, not one was left, engrieved but resolved, he could do nothing but return to the army Devan and Antrez saw the end of the third war in relief, not of pride, as they had lost by now the two people that mattered most to them, soon after, Devan renounced his Paladinship. preferring to not be restrained by what he percieved as his own moral shortcomings and left the official forces, Though he still worked for the Kingdom on often as a mercenary in service of Lordaeron.

The Third War and Aftermath.Edit

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