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Description Edit

Dathanar Hellbane


Half human, half night elf
Chaotic Good
Character Class
Druid (Currently), Monk (Mists of Pandaria)
9 (Currently), 14 (Mists of Pandaria)
Arahadord Hellbane (father), Leriqite Hellbane (mother), Shariadune Hellbane (sister), Zerehedord Hellbane (uncle), Phabien Coldbringer (grandmother), Alabaster Hellbane (grandfather), Xiao-Ling (mentor)

Dathanar Hellbane is the result of the coupling of Arahadord and Leriqite. He shares the same skin tone as his human father, as well as his rounded ears. His dark hair has a slight blue hue about it. Astonishingly, the boy has already developed the ability to shape shift. This is likely due to the fact that his mother was constantly shifting forms herself through out the pregnancy, giving the boy a natural talent for it. Beyond that, however, it is a complete mystery.

Dathanar's name was chosen by his mother and in darnassian means "Night fire".


  • In game, Dathanar is often represented as an argent squire.
  • In Mists of Pandaria, Dathanar has aged into a teenager. Leaving druidism behind, he will be teamed with Xiao-Ling as a Monk.

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