Darlond Felstone was born thirty five years ago, he lived on the Lordaeron provinces as a kid before the Undeath plague destroyed the land and killed most of his family.

He has great faith on the Alliance and is a follower of the Light. Although he seeks revenge on the Scourge

The only faimily he has left is Ol' Emma, who doesn't know he exists.

He was on The Capital city of Lordaeron when the plague ravaged his home. He was taken by soldiers as an refugee to Stormwind City. He arrived there by boat, where he learned to use swords, maces and axes with the help of a Captain.

In his training he helped the people of Stormwind and Elwynn against the Kobolds and Defias. Ultimately joining The Stormwind Army with the leadership of General Cryalla. And fought the Horde on distant lands, with hope that one day he would be strong enough to return home and know the truth about the fate of his mother and father: Janice and John Felstone.

He leaved the army to join an Order of Holy Knights that did not prosper. By that time he met someone from the Argent Dawn who recruited him and asked for aid in the fight for the Plaguelands. While helping a priestess of the Light on collecting data about the Scougre cauldrons in The Western Plaguelands, he found himself in his old home: Felstone Fields.

The ghost of his Mother, Janice Felstone was trapped inside his old home: She had forgotten about him and every other member of his family except for John, her husband, who had one half of their "Good luck Charm". She was blindly asking for someone to return the two halves of the charm so she could finally rest.

Saddened with the news, Darlond fought the Scourge on his farm and reached the barn where an unsent letter was waiting. It was directed to Emma Felstone in Stormwind...

He returned to Stormwind with hopes of finding this "Emma Felstone" although the note had the date of more than five years ago. With the help of a Arcane Mage he found Emma who was an old woman with little memory of her terrible past. Darlond gave the note to Emma, his aunt. Emma's answer was predictable: She thought Darlond was some kind of random Knight who found the crate in the Fields. After reading the note she gave it to Darlond, with all the rights of Felstone Field and a piece of the "Good luck-charm".

With this, Darlond knows his father is holding the second piece of the charm, probably as an Undead in the service of the Lich King. And so, the story goes on...

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