The old Daggles is gone. He's now been replaced with a new Daggles, who's the same person, just without the terrible roleplay fighting and backstory. Hooray!

Daggles Del'TacoEdit

That's his name, and don't forget it. It's actually Mexican. It means "Daggles of the Taco." But it's also a Mexican anagram for "druid of the...". So it's either "Daggles of the Taco," or "Daggles, Druid of the Taco." Anyone who says otherwise is a godmoder/metagamer/griefer/troll/goldshire alt/loser/idiot/fail rp'er (WITH THE APOSTROPHE)

Actual DescriptionEdit

Looking at Daggles, you'd see a relatively tall, lithe Gnome. Two katanas and a flatbladed sword are found on him. The katanas, for actual fighting, are relatively lightweight. Their edges are chipped, yet well-cared for. On a rare occasion, they may actually be completely redone. A small band sits just past the hilt, and electricity comes out of it, seeping through the blade. As for the flatbladed sword, it's too heavy to be wielded in just one hand.(1) While it's not a hulking monstrosity, speed and balanced were factored into it. Should he need a strong blow, he could definitely pause and take a swing with it.

Looking down, you'd see a relatively simple set of armor and sidearms. A long cloak goes down to his knees, wrapping most of his body. Should the wind blow it open, you'd see but two throwing knives, and a simple rifle.

(1) Just because he's a rogue doesn't mean he can't use two-handed weapons. It's not a massive sword that will crush you in one blow, it's a somewhat heavier than average sword, and his puny Gnome arms can't hold it. It's mainly for decoration, but he will use it on occasion.

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