((MRP and GHI user)) Dolores Anastasia Fizziwink, sometimes reffered to as "D." is a beginner Techno-Mage, a rare kind of mage that infuses technonlogy in with their magics. Do not confuse this with a mage who happens to be an engineer, for there is a differance and she will be the first one to tell you. Her frizzy,brown hair is normally tied back into a ponytail, and her eye is a Jade Green. The reason one says "eye" instead of "eyes" is due to the fact that she is missing her right eye. In its place, however, is a mechanical one of her own creation. She typically wears a purple silk shirt, with a pair of black pants and boots. On her belt at all times she carries a wrench, and a wand.


Dolores is like a currious puppy, she follows her senses to lead her to new (or even already discovered) discoveries. If she hears a strange noise, she follows it. If she smells something foul, she tries to find its source despite. She loves studying people, facinated by their interactions, for she herself can be, at times, very socially awkward. Dolores is also a fan of music of most all kinds, loving to collect and create instuments and music boxes through her techno-magicry.

Techno-Magicry and the Wonders of the EyeEdit

Losing her right eye in an explosion when dabbleing in Goblin engineering, she proply left this field of the craft. Instead she took up the techno-magic field of study, a study that is frowned upon by both Engineers and Mages alike, seeing it a perversion of their perspective fields. Her very first invention was to create a replacement for her lost eye, one that would be better than a normal one, and so she did.

This eye can "see" the whole spectrum of magic, including Arcane, Fel, Shamanic, Druidic, Holy, and Necromantic.

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