Crowley Ashens
Basic Info
Race: Gilnean
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trade Goods Magnate, Twilight Cultist
Affiliations: Blackwald Industries (leader), Twilight's Hammer
Age: 32
Weight: 264
Height: 7' 5"
Eye Color: Red

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Though there was little about him hinted at him being more than just a civilian, Crowley Ashens' stoic and stern conduct might have been found a tad concerning by some. This off-putting quality of his behavior wasn't dampened by his physical appearance, as there was little to no contrast between the two. From the dark cast that lingered around his eyes to the svelte look of his physique, certain attributes that Crowley held managed to contribute to the strict vibe he possessed. Even his visage assisted this to some degree, his shorter teeth and lack of snarl causing him to appear more indifferent than most other Worgen.

Despite his aforementioned demeanor being noteworthy, there was perhaps one feature that was more pronounced than it. For reasons uncertain, twisting elementium shards sparsely adorned the right side of his body, protruding forth from his grey fur. These shards averaged about a cubic inch and a half, just small enough to be hidden away by most non-constricting clothes. Because of this, the only shards that were frequently visible were the trinity that jutted from the side of his neck.


An example of one of Crowley's shards.




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