Spoken by Vond Satterly at the Tomb of the Lightbringer, following a sermon extolling his perfection.

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, I will be brief. I'll greatly endeavor to not steal much of our preciously finite time.

That the Lightbringer's legacy continues to make an impact on the paladins that followed in his footsteps, and all who keep the faith, is readily reflected in the faces here. As equally as we are propelled by the man's positive example, let us not fail to recall his shortcomings, lest they stand uncorrected.

You need only look around you to apprehend their wages. The man who, as paladins, defined our first order and modeled our path is also the man who, as people, left us to perish at the hands of his protege, the traitor, and the fires of their bidding.

The man who, at his last, gave the ashes of our dead king more regard than the cries of the suffering in their hour of need.

So ask yourself: by coming here, what am I looking for? You'll find little here save bones and silence, cherished friends.

We all fight a vacancy - we who lift the hammer, Uther's fragments and heirs of his dilemma, mortal as he, unto the last. Let us not forget it.

May then each of us be able to unburden our souls, empty the dead weights we collect to fill their yearning spaces that the Light may enter in their place, purposing us to its splendor in perpetuity.

Lastly this: leave the past and the fallen to their respective rests. Do not look back, and do not look down. Wherever you are, this is the Light's holiest sanctuary. May I never see this tomb again for as long as I live.

Mercy, mercy--Light preserve us.

And rest easy, you old blighter. Far be it from me to deny you your quiet.

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