Count Andarius Vrenna


Undead Quel'Dorei
165 lbs.
The Scourge


The Younger YearsEdit

Vrenna Began his years a simple Sin'dorei boy caught in thrall to a noble Silvermoon family, whose ownership extended to land in the city proper.

When he weathered the tiresome years of childhood, he took to study in the way of the Light much at the behest of his Mother. Mentoring under the Clerics of Lordaeron before the third war, he worked as a fledgling Priest for the Silver Hand.


Andarius Vrenna and his alias, Armand Winterdusk


No man was harder to guage than that of Count Vrenna. He is malice wrapped in cordiality, he is retribution veiled behind a sickening smile, he is the sad little mockery that is light unto darkness.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Stern uncompromising features hold two azure eyes of corpselight that glare down past the veil of undeath. His emaciated flesh seems to radiate a passive chill, a frigid aura about him in consequence. You suspect in life he may have posessed some noble quality, handsome and regal - However, in Undeath, these qualites manifest as inverse in the form of a withered Count...

A small smile is often set on his grey lips when in the company of others who would find benevolence a key trait. He seems to maintain a measure of cordiality to those around him, if only to betray his many deviated qualities.

When out in public he is not seen without a heavy cloak shrouding his appearence, and he has also been known to make liberal use of an Orb of Illusion in the guise of a figure named Armand Winterdusk, a Silvermoon noble who went missing several years ago. A remarkably good-natured man with a kind face, light voice and impeccable manners. (Silver Hair)

Has also been known to pose as an Apothecary by the name Solisbane. (Black Hood)

Story ArchiveEdit

The Vrenna Story archive can be found Here

Guild PageEdit


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