Cirna Lightwhisper


Full Name
Cirna Lightwhisper
Blood Elf(Uncorrupted)
Approximately 55 years
Sha'tari Vindicator, Blood-Knight master
Current Residence
Silvermoon City

Appearance Edit

Size and Shape Edit

Cirna is fairly small and fragile looking. With his slender  frame it could even be possible to mistake him for a female from far enough away.

Features Edit

Cirna is young, even by the standards of shorter lived races and is hardly old enough to be an adult. A human or an orc would not put him past his mid to late teens, but his true age is hard to guess at.  His body is unmarred by any obvious scars or marks of battle. It is hard to guess whether he has never received any major injuries, or has taken care to assure that all of his scars were healed.

Mood Edit

Cirna almost always seems peaceful and cheerful, normally giving a bright smile to anyone he passes. Though not as awkward as he once was Cirna seems slightly nervous around new people, often stammering or being overly formal.

A thick gold plated libram with a large lightly glowing ruby set in the center hangs buy a thin golden chain to Cirna's belt

Aura Of Good

To naked eye there is a particular light about Cirna. Though he is not shining he often appears 'shone on'. Those sensitive to Auras will find Cirna's particularly bright, to a person is who is particularly sensitive it could even be overpowering.


Work in progress


Work in Progress

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